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The UK is steadily climbing out of the worst depression for most of our lifetimes, at the same time as we are being hit by a credit crunch in the depths of a depression and at the same time, we are being hit by a credit crunch. So how are we as managers and directors expected to react? Should we spend more or less on marketing? And how can we ensure that as (say) directors we are being seen to be doing the right thing?

Rod and Andrew Hedley, marketing specialist

Are you wanting to expand your business, to make it more profitable? Do you want some help with your Marketing Plan. Do you want to discuss privately how best you should approach the banks for the money you need to carry out the work? We can help you with all this...

As Certified Practising Accountants, we are keen to maintain the high standards set by our professional body.

Also, as Rod is a Member of the Chartered Management Institute, We have access to a wealth of management development and educational resources to assist in our continuing professional development.